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Kimberly is a natural at sorting, organizing, and arranging what you own into an attractive environment. I love to shop, hate to sort and my house reflected this. ‘You need to stop the bleeding,’ is the line Kimberly said to me when she first saw my house. Kimberly tailored a project schedule for us. Since I work, have a child and don't have a lot of time to commit to organizing. We would work on one room, a day or two at a time, until it was finished.

I love my house now. It's stunning. Everyone who comes over falls in love. I still have Kimberly come over every other month or so, to see how my organizing systems are working and make suggestions. Organizing, like house cleaning, is an ongoing process and if you're not a natural at it you need help. It's been worth every penny I've spent for the peace of mind and serenity it's brought me. I hope you find this true as well. Go for it! You're worth it!

~ Carol, Martinez

Create Order is a great name as that is exactly what Kimberly has created, - order, creatively.

After a horrible year, a divorce and the death of my mother, a friend told me about Create Order. I was immediately put at ease. Kimberly was not critical of my mess. She was sure it would be alright. She is funny and she made the whole process (or should I say three processes) fun.

First she helped me sort through all my stuff. We tossed out, recycled and donated so much. I was excited by the results after just one week! I never felt that she was making me get rid of things I loved, and it actually felt good to rid my place of things that didn’t matter to me.

Then, she helped me pack and gave me a wonderful system to continue on my own. She arranged for cleaners to clean my old apartment after the move. She repaired a few walls on her own to save me money and she was there when I moved into my new apartment.

Finally, Kimberly sorted through all my Mother’s things as I was too sad to do it. She found a buyer for furniture I didn’t want to keep that raised enough money for me to re-upholster my Mother’s love seat."

My new home was made beautiful with a floral finishing touch done by Kimberly out of my mother's old copper pot with these amazing gladiolus. I am home.

~ Sandie, San Francisco
















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