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Your home. When you walk in the door its warmth envelopes you. The colors and textures are of your life. KMA Designs creates the comfort, beauty, warmth and function that you dream of; while facilitating all the daunting details - combining our resources, knowledge and creativity - revealing your style, at an excellent value.

Contact: Kimberly Manning Aker

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Using Stencils to Create the Perfect Drape

Stencils have changed radically over the years. Starting as simple country styles like the ivy trellis in the 80s to the opportunity to customize a room's look with amazing graphics and details from hundreds of eras and styles. One of our British suppliers features KMA Designs on their blog.

Stenciling is a traditional form made new and ambitious with computer cutting technology, old-fashion hard work and attention to detail. KMA Create has developed techniques with stenciling for home designs that can bring your dreams alive.

To the left you can see close-ups of two different curtains; to the right, each project installed. Click on any image to view a larger version.

These projects also prove how versatile period styles can be when integrated properly. The white and black art deco curtains show how contemporary architecture can fit into art deco seamlessly. These drapes pull together the sleek building lines and the the client's vintage furniture beautifully.

The second set uses a 1920s style two tone metallic with two tone in iridescent silk to reflect the house's original 1920s style and brings warmth and color into the room.

Impossible to find historic or perfect fabric? Not with the KMA Create technique!

Contact: Kimberly Manning Aker




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